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ISO 9001

    Aerosols, Precision Cleaning

Safety Direct have come with a full range of aerosols and precision cleaning products that are necessary to maintain the hygiene of work zones. Most of the corporate houses keep these products in monthly stocks, so that the requirement of cleanliness is never compromised.

We offer you a variety of dry wipes that you can use in almost every area of your workplace. These wipes are undoubtedly our best sellers and also the maximum used aerosols and precision cleaning products. Other than these, we also have various other types of wipes like those of presaturated wipes, swabs and roll wipes. The screen cleaning rolls make the wiping of your glass doors and windows much easier. They just need to be rolled along the glass panels, and you see the absolute clean glass. Safety Direct also has the cleaning spray that makes cleaning vast surfaces much easier.

Amongst the range of aerosols, you can select them for purposes like cleaning, air duster, freezer, flux, lubricant, degreaser, label remover, glass and mirror, polish, adhesive, lacquer, foam and contact cleaner. The aerosols of Safety Direct do not have any harmul effects on human lungs. When you need aerosols and precision cleaning products, we assure you complete safety and sustainability at affordable price.

Products at Safety Direct in the category of aerosols and precision cleaning products have been in high demand since ages. Our customer service, punctual delivery, along with best prices of the personal protection accessories has brought us extended consumer support. We often come up with profitable discounts for special purchases. Safety Direct has carved a niche as a brand name in the domain of aerosols and precision cleaning products made especially for workplaces.

The best brands sharing their name with Safety Direct in this category are Servisol, Staticide, Purswab, QTek, Plusgas, Ebor, Q Tips, Electrolube, Chentsonics, Techspray, JNJ, Microcare, R&R Lotion, Texwipe, Menda, Branson, Devcon, Bonkote, Stencil Clean, Dow Corning


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