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ISO 9001

Mascot Torino Work Trousers

      The Masot Torino Work Trousers are stylish, two-toned work trousers that are perfect to meet any uniform needs. With adjustable kneepad pockets, hammer loop and triple stitched seams, the Torino Work Trousers are durable and ideal for any workplace

    • 65% polyester, 35% cotton
    • 310gsm
    • Triple stitched seams at crotch and leg
    • Various reinforced pockets
    • Adjustable kneepad pockets for optimal positioning
    • Hammer loop
    • Available in various colours and sizes
MAS19A3032Mascot Torino Work TrousersAnthracite30"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19A3035Mascot Torino Work TrousersAnthracite30"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19A3232Mascot Torino Work TrousersAnthracite32"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19A3235Mascot Torino Work TrousersAnthracite32"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19A3432Mascot Torino Work TrousersAnthracite34"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19A3435Mascot Torino Work TrousersAnthracite34"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19A3632Mascot Torino Work TrousersAnthracite36"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19A3635Mascot Torino Work TrousersAnthracite36"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19A3832Mascot Torino Work TrousersAnthracite38"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19A3835Mascot Torino Work TrousersAnthracite38"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19A4032Mascot Torino Work TrousersAnthracite40"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19A4035Mascot Torino Work TrousersAnthracite40"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19A4232Mascot Torino Work TrousersAnthracite42"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19A4235Mascot Torino Work TrousersAnthracite42"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19A4432Mascot Torino Work TrousersAnthracite44"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19B3032Mascot Torino Work TrousersBlack30"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19B3035Mascot Torino Work TrousersBlack30"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19B3232Mascot Torino Work TrousersBlack32"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19B3235Mascot Torino Work TrousersBlack32"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19B3432Mascot Torino Work TrousersBlack34"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19B3435Mascot Torino Work TrousersBlack34"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19B3632Mascot Torino Work TrousersBlack36"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19B3635Mascot Torino Work TrousersBlack36"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19B3832Mascot Torino Work TrousersBlack38"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19B3835Mascot Torino Work TrousersBlack38"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19B4032Mascot Torino Work TrousersBlack40"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19B4035Mascot Torino Work TrousersBlack40"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19B4232Mascot Torino Work TrousersBlack42"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19B4235Mascot Torino Work TrousersBlack42"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19G3032Mascot Torino Work TrousersGreen30"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19G3035Mascot Torino Work TrousersGreen30"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19G3232Mascot Torino Work TrousersGreen32"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19G3235Mascot Torino Work TrousersGreen32"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19G3432Mascot Torino Work TrousersGreen34"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19G3435Mascot Torino Work TrousersGreen34"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19G3632Mascot Torino Work TrousersGreen36"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19G3635Mascot Torino Work TrousersGreen36"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19G3832Mascot Torino Work TrousersGreen38"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19G3835Mascot Torino Work TrousersGreen38"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19G4032Mascot Torino Work TrousersGreen40"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19G4035Mascot Torino Work TrousersGreen40"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19G4232Mascot Torino Work TrousersGreen42"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19G4235Mascot Torino Work TrousersGreen42"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19K3032Mascot Torino Work TrousersKhaki30"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19K3035Mascot Torino Work TrousersKhaki30"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19K3232Mascot Torino Work TrousersKhaki32"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19K3235Mascot Torino Work TrousersKhaki32"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19K3432Mascot Torino Work TrousersKhaki34"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19K3435Mascot Torino Work TrousersKhaki34"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19K3632Mascot Torino Work TrousersKhaki36"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19K3635Mascot Torino Work TrousersKhaki36"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19K3832Mascot Torino Work TrousersKhaki38"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19K3835Mascot Torino Work TrousersKhaki38"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19K4032Mascot Torino Work TrousersKhaki40"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19K4035Mascot Torino Work TrousersKhaki40"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19K4232Mascot Torino Work TrousersKhaki42"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19K4235Mascot Torino Work TrousersKhaki42"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19N3032Mascot Torino Work TrousersNavy30"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19N3035Mascot Torino Work TrousersNavy30"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19N3232Mascot Torino Work TrousersNavy32"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19N3235Mascot Torino Work TrousersNavy32"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19N3432Mascot Torino Work TrousersNavy34"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19N3435Mascot Torino Work TrousersNavy34"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19N3632Mascot Torino Work TrousersNavy36"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19N3635Mascot Torino Work TrousersNavy36"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19N3832Mascot Torino Work TrousersNavy38"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19N3835Mascot Torino Work TrousersNavy38"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19N4032Mascot Torino Work TrousersNavy40"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19N4035Mascot Torino Work TrousersNavy40"W 35"L€47.55
MAS19N4232Mascot Torino Work TrousersNavy42"W 32"L€47.55
MAS19N4235Mascot Torino Work TrousersNavy42"W 35"L€47.55

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