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ISO 9001

Mascot Lerida Work Trousers

    • Cordura® and Kevlar® reinforced
    • Adjustable knee-pad pockets in Kevlar® with flap
    • Two side pockets and ticket pocket with velcro fastening
    • Thigh pocket with mobile phone pocket
    • Adjustable hammer loop
    • 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton, 320g/m2 canvas
MAS 20B3032Mascot Lerida Work TrousersBlack 30"/ 78cm32"/82cm€85.25
MAS 20B3232Mascot Lerida Work TrousersBlack 32"/ 83cm32"/82cm€85.25
MAS 20B3432Mascot Lerida Work TrousersBlack 34"/ 88cm32"/82cm€85.25
MAS 20B3632Mascot Lerida Work TrousersBlack 36"/ 93cm32"/82cm€85.25
MAS 20B3832Mascot Lerida Work TrousersBlack 38"/ 98cm32"/82cm€85.25
MAS 20B4032Mascot Lerida Work TrousersBlack 40"/ 103cm32"/82cm€85.25
MAS 20B4232Mascot Lerida Work TrousersBlack 42"/ 108cm32"/82cm€85.25
MAS 20B3035Mascot Lerida Work TrousersBlack 30"/ 78cm35"/90cm€85.25
MAS 20B3235Mascot Lerida Work TrousersBlack 32"/ 83cm35"/90cm€85.25
MAS 20B3435Mascot Lerida Work TrousersBlack 34"/ 88cm35"/90cm€85.25
MAS 20B3635Mascot Lerida Work TrousersBlack 36"/ 93cm35"/90cm€85.25
MAS 20B3835Mascot Lerida Work TrousersBlack 38"/ 98cm35"/90cm€85.25
MAS 20B4035Mascot Lerida Work TrousersBlack 40"/ 103cm35"/90cm€85.25
MAS 20B4235Mascot Lerida Work TrousersBlack 42"/ 108cm35"/90cm€85.25
MAS 20N3032Mascot Lerida Work TrousersNavy30"/ 78cm32"/82cm€85.25
MAS 20N3232Mascot Lerida Work TrousersNavy32"/ 83cm32"/82cm€85.25
MAS 20N3432Mascot Lerida Work TrousersNavy34"/ 88cm32"/82cm€85.25
MAS 20N3632Mascot Lerida Work TrousersNavy36"/ 93cm32"/82cm€85.25
MAS 20N3832Mascot Lerida Work TrousersNavy38"/ 98cm32"/82cm€85.25
MAS 20N4032Mascot Lerida Work TrousersNavy40"/ 103cm32"/82cm€85.25
MAS 20N4232Mascot Lerida Work TrousersNavy42"/ 108cm32"/82cm€85.25
MAS 20N3035Mascot Lerida Work TrousersNavy30"/ 78cm35"/90cm€85.25
MAS 20N3235Mascot Lerida Work TrousersNavy32"/ 83cm35"/90cm€85.25
MAS 20N3435Mascot Lerida Work TrousersNavy34"/ 88cm35"/90cm€85.25
MAS 20N3635Mascot Lerida Work TrousersNavy36"/ 93cm35"/90cm€85.25
MAS 20N3835Mascot Lerida Work TrousersNavy38"/ 98cm35"/90cm€85.25
MAS 20N4035Mascot Lerida Work TrousersNavy40"/ 103cm35"/90cm€85.25
MAS 20N4235Mascot Lerida Work TrousersNavy42"/ 108cm35"/90cm€85.25
MAS 20K3032Mascot Lerida Work TrousersKhaki30"/ 78cm32"/82cm€85.25
MAS 20K3232Mascot Lerida Work TrousersKhaki32"/ 83cm32"/82cm€85.25
MAS 20K3432Mascot Lerida Work TrousersKhaki34"/ 88cm32"/82cm€85.25
MAS 20K3632Mascot Lerida Work TrousersKhaki36"/ 93cm32"/82cm€85.25
MAS 20K3832Mascot Lerida Work TrousersKhaki38"/ 98cm32"/82cm€85.25
MAS 20K4032Mascot Lerida Work TrousersKhaki40"/ 103cm32"/82cm€85.25
MAS 20K4232Mascot Lerida Work TrousersKhaki42"/ 108cm32"/82cm€85.25
MAS 20K3035Mascot Lerida Work TrousersKhaki30"/ 78cm35"/90cm€85.25
MAS 20K3235Mascot Lerida Work TrousersKhaki32"/ 83cm35"/90cm€85.25
MAS 20K3435Mascot Lerida Work TrousersKhaki34"/ 88cm35"/90cm€85.25
MAS 20K3635Mascot Lerida Work TrousersKhaki36"/ 93cm35"/90cm€85.25
MAS 20K3835Mascot Lerida Work TrousersKhaki38"/ 98cm35"/90cm€85.25
MAS 20K4035Mascot Lerida Work TrousersKhaki40"/ 103cm35"/90cm€85.25
MAS 20K4235Mascot Lerida Work TrousersKhaki42"/ 108cm35"/90cm€85.25
MAS 20A3032Mascot Lerida Work TrousersAnthracite30"/ 78cm32"/82cm€85.25
MAS 20A3232Mascot Lerida Work TrousersAnthracite32"/ 83cm32"/82cm€85.25
MAS 20A3432Mascot Lerida Work TrousersAnthracite34"/ 88cm32"/82cm€85.25
MAS 20A3632Mascot Lerida Work TrousersAnthracite36"/ 93cm32"/82cm€85.25
MAS 20A3832Mascot Lerida Work TrousersAnthracite38"/ 98cm32"/82cm€85.25
MAS 20A4032Mascot Lerida Work TrousersAnthracite40"/ 103cm32"/82cm€85.25
MAS 20A4232Mascot Lerida Work TrousersAnthracite42"/ 108cm32"/82cm€85.25
MAS 20A3035Mascot Lerida Work TrousersAnthracite30"/ 78cm35"/90cm€85.25
MAS 20A3235Mascot Lerida Work TrousersAnthracite32"/ 83cm35"/90cm€85.25
MAS 20A3435Mascot Lerida Work TrousersAnthracite34"/ 88cm35"/90cm€85.25
MAS 20A3635Mascot Lerida Work TrousersAnthracite36"/ 93cm35"/90cm€85.25
MAS 20A3835Mascot Lerida Work TrousersAnthracite38"/ 98cm35"/90cm€85.25
MAS 20A4035Mascot Lerida Work TrousersAnthracite40"/ 103cm35"/90cm€85.25
MAS 20A4235Mascot Lerida Work TrousersAnthracite42"/ 108cm35"/90cm€85.25

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