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ISO 9001

PELstor COSHH Cabinets

      PELstor’s COSHH Storage Cabinets have been manufactured for the safe storage and segregation of substances that are labelled as being hazardous to health, such as Toxic or Irritant. Available in a range of sizes, the PELstor COSHH Storage Cabinets can ordered to fit most spaces in the workplace

    • Welded construction from 0.9mm thick steel
    • Reinforced rebated doors
    • 3-way chrome lever locking handles
    • Fitted with adjustable welded tray(s) and removable sump
    • Powder coated grey
    • Supplied with warning labels

    • Extra Shelves are suitable for the following cabinets:
      - Shelf 1: BF88H733
      - Shelf 2: BF88H644
      - Shelf 3: BF88H663
      - Shelf 4: BF88H894

      Mounting Stands are suitable for the following cabinets:
      - Mounting Stand 1: BF88H733
      - Mounting Stand 2: BF88H644
      - Mounting Stand 3: BF88H894

      Replacement Sump Trays are suitable for the following cabinets:
      - Replacement Sump Tray 1: BF88H294
BF88H733COSHH Storage Cabinet11712 x 355 x 305€287.30
BF88H644COSHH Storage Cabinet11610 x 459 x 459€340.90
BF88H663COSHH Storage Cabinet12610 x 610 x 305€330.80
BF88H294COSHH Storage Cabinet221200 x 915 x 459€650.60
BF88H894COSHH Storage Cabinet321830 x 915 x 459€724.05
BF88HS33Extra Shelf 1N/AN/A88 x 355 x 305€36.30
BF88HS44Extra Shelf 2N/AN/A88 x 459 x 459€38.25
BF88HS63Extra Shelf 3N/AN/A88 x 610 x 305€37.55
BF88HS94Extra Shelf 4N/AN/A88 x 915 x 459€44.85
BF88FF133HMounting Stand 1N/AN/A100 x 305 x 355€103.10
BF88HFS2Mounting Stand 2N/AN/A450 x 459 x 459€153.25
BF88HFS3Mounting Stand 3N/AN/A450 x 915 x 459€176.95
BF88F1944Replacement Sump TrayN/AN/A915 x 459€67.40

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