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ISO 9001

Purofort PRO Non Safety Wellingtons

    • Ideal for use in industrial & agricultural sectors.
    • Purofort material is durable , light weight & offers
    • insulation against temperatures as low as -20°C.
    • Resistant to minerals, fats, fertilizers , disinfectants ,
    • solvents & various chemcials.
    • Red Branded PU Lining.
    • Oil resistant sole, antistatic, energy absorbing,
    • cold insulating
    • No steel parts.
    • Conforms to:EN ISO 20347:2012 04 FO CI SRA
DUN4608-37Purofort PRO Non Safety WellingtonsGreen37€48.75
DUN4608-38Purofort PRO Non Safety WellingtonsGreen38€48.75
DUN4608-39Purofort PRO Non Safety WellingtonsGreen39€48.75
DUN4608-40Purofort PRO Non Safety WellingtonsGreen40€48.75
DUN4608-41Purofort PRO Non Safety WellingtonsGreen41€48.75
DUN4608-42Purofort PRO Non Safety WellingtonsGreen42€48.75
DUN4608-43Purofort PRO Non Safety WellingtonsGreen43€48.75
DUN4608-44Purofort PRO Non Safety WellingtonsGreen44€48.75
DUN4608-45Purofort PRO Non Safety WellingtonsGreen45€48.75
DUN4608-46Purofort PRO Non Safety WellingtonsGreen46€48.75
DUN4608-47Purofort PRO Non Safety WellingtonsGreen47€48.75
DUN4608-48Purofort PRO Non Safety WellingtonsGreen48€48.75

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