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ISO 9001

    Lighting and Optical

The lighting and optical equipments in a workplace are inevitable; and when you demand quality, the best name to bank upon is Safety Direct. We offer a range of best lighting and optical products that not only cater to your specific workstation requirement, but also takes care of you budget. 

Safety Direct has a range of torches that can be used in a number of ways according to your convenience. The best looking lanterns are also available at Safety Direct to cater to your customized needs. Head torches are necessary in mot of the production grounds, check out our collection from the best brands. 

Safety Direct also provides you with atex torches, hand magnifiers and illuminated magnifiers to give a clearer view at your workplace. Making working more convenient with a clear view, Safety Direct lighting and optical products also include different kinds of desk lamps, light boxes, inspection systems and microscopes. Staring from manufacturing and production units to laboratories, and chemical units, Safety Direct lighting and optical products have made great name everywhere. 

The sustainable batteries, fuses bulbs and lamps of Safety Direct are used all over for best results in workplaces. Products at Safety Direct in the category of lighting and optical products have been in high demand since ages. Our customer service, punctual delivery, along with best prices of the lighting and optical products has brought us extended consumer support. We often come up with profitable discounts for special purchases. Safety Direct has carved a niche as a brand name in the domain of lighting and optical products made in particular for workplaces.

The best brands sharing their name with Safety Direct in this category are Wolf, Defender, Energizer, SONY, Philips, PelTec, Osram, Euromex, Luxo and Duracell.

Lighting and Optical Top Brands


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