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    Adhesives and Sealants

In today’s industrial domain, the usage of adhesive and sealants have become indispensable and crucial. These products are required at various areas like blending and processing supplies, chemicals and polymers, equipment, environmental, water and maintenance; and also for instrumentation and control products. Safety Direct has a range of products in the category of adhesive and sealants, which successfully cover up your each and every requirement.

The range of adhesive and sealants we provide includes sealants and guns, PCB assembly adhesives, instant adhesives, structural adhesives and general purpose adhesives. These adhesives are sealants are the ones that you can need at any moment at workstations, be it a minor fixing or a major setting up, these adhesives provide the best results. 

For easy usage, Safety Direct has also brought about spray adhesives, wood working adhesives, tradesman adhesives, hot melt glue and guns, thread lock and retaining, expanding filler and guns, pipe jointing and insulating varnish. These adhesives and sealants cater to your greater needs of fixing up workplace materials. 

We assure you the best adhesive and sealants from Safety Direct at the most affordable price. Products of Safety Direct are alike your closest dependable name at workplace. Our customer service, punctual delivery, along with best prices of the personal protection accessories has brought us extended consumer support. We often come up with profitable discounts for special purchases. Safety Direct has carved a niche as a brand name in the domain of adhesive and sealants for workplaces.

The best brands sharing their name with Safety Direct in this category are G E, Araldite, Steinel, Bostik, 3M, Evostik, GC Electronics, Boss and Loctite, Emerson, Emerson and Cuming, Unibond, Plastic Padding, Butyl, Rawlplug, Copydex, Super Glue, Hot melt, Wood glue, Perma bond, Cascomite, Dow Corning, Ellsworthi, Techon, Glue Skicks, Casco, Henkel, Dymax, Slka Corp, I&J Fisnar, Humiseal

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