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ISO 9001

KDM Operator's Chair

      KDM Seating’s Operator Chair is an ergonomically-designed industrial chair with a cushioned seat and back for extra comfort, making it an ideal choice for workers who spend the majority of their day in a seated position. The KDM Operator's Chair is available in a range of different heights and colours

    • Ergonomic design
    • Fabric-lined seat and back
    • 3 heights available
    • 4 colours available
    • BS5459 compliant
    • Back height and tilt adjustable
    • Seat angle adjustable
    • Footring supplied with higher models
    • Choose from glides or braked castors
    • Gas operated spindle for height adjustment
KDM 17C-20KDM Operator's ChairCastorsNo 45-57Charcoal€225.00
KDM 17C-30KDM Operator's ChairCastorsNo 45-57Navy€225.00
KDM 17C-35KDM Operator's ChairCastorsNo 45-57Blue€225.00
KDM 17C-40KDM Operator's ChairCastorsNo 45-57Light Blue€225.00
KDM 17G-20KDM Operator's ChairGlidesNo 45-57Charcoal€225.00
KDM 17G-30KDM Operator's ChairGlides No 45-57Navy€225.00
KDM 17G-35KDM Operator's ChairGlides No 45-57Blue€225.00
KDM 17G-40KDM Operator's ChairGlides No 45-57Light Blue€225.00
KDM 18C-20KDM Operator's ChairCastorsYes54-73Charcoal€250.00
KDM 18C-30KDM Operator's ChairCastorsYes54-73Navy€250.00
KDM 18C-35KDM Operator's ChairCastorsYes54-73Blue€250.00
KDM 18C-40KDM Operator's ChairCastorsYes54-73Light Blue€250.00
KDM 18G-20KDM Operator's ChairGlidesYes54-73Charcoal€250.00
KDM 18G-30KDM Operator's ChairGlidesYes54-73Navy€250.00
KDM 18G-35KDM Operator's ChairGlidesYes54-73Blue€250.00
KDM 18G-40KDM Operator's ChairGlidesYes54-73Light Blue€250.00
KDM 19C-20KDM Operator's ChairCastorsYes60-85Charcoal€260.00
KDM 19C-30KDM Operator's ChairCastorsYes60-85Navy€260.00
KDM 19C-35KDM Operator's ChairCastorsYes60-85Blue€260.00
KDM 19C-40KDM Operator's ChairCastorsYes60-85Light Blue€260.00
KDM 19G-20KDM Operator's ChairGlidesYes60-85Charcoal€260.00
KDM 19G-30KDM Operator's ChairGlidesYes60-85Navy€260.00
KDM 19G-35KDM Operator's ChairGlidesYes60-85Blue€260.00
KDM 19G-40KDM Operator's ChairGlidesYes60-85Light Blue€260.00

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