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ISO 9001

Swarfega Jizer Degreaser

      The Swarfega Jizer Degreaser is a versatile, powerful and effective parts degreaser that is best suited to quickly dissolve heavy deposits of grease, tar, wax, bitumen and mineral oil from a wide range of plastics, metals and painted surfaces. Only a small amount of the Swarfega Jizer Degreaser will remove a high level of soiling, making it an economical choice

    • Effective dissolving action
    • Concentrated strength and high absorption rate
    • Quickly and thoroughly cleans engines, motors, components, parts, machinery and tools
    • High flash point of 61˚C
    • Rush inhibitor helps reduce corrosion
    • Water rinsable
    • Compatible with all metal and metal components
    • Rapidly separates from dirt and grime for repeated usage
SWA609Swarfega Jizer Degreaser5L Can€34.40
SWAJIZ76GSwarfega Jizer Degreaser25L Drum€120.40

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