Farm Safety Week 2019 at Safety Direct

Farm Safety Week 2019 at Safety Direct

Joe Healy, IFA President, visited Safety Direct this week to prepare for Farm Safety Week. When asked about the importance of farm safety, Healy commented that ‘managing health and safety on our farms must be a constant in our daily plans and activities for our own safety and that of our families, employees and visitors to our farms. Small changes can make a huge difference.’

‘The high number of fatal and serious accidents in the sector is a significant concern. In the last 10 years, 232 farmers have lost their lives on Irish farms. The pain, human suffering and economic loss that accompanies these accidents is immense and I would like to extend my sympathy to all farm families and communities that have been affected.’

‘A change in safety culture and behaviour is critical if we are to achieve a reduction in farm accidents. Due to familiarity, farmers may often take some of the hazards around the farm and farmyard for granted. Safe practices need to be embedded in the minds of everyone involved in the farming if we are to make a lasting change in our behaviour.’

‘My own father would always say as we approached any job on the farm, be it with animals or machinery, “Ask yourself what could go wrong here?” this always helped to focus our minds on the possible potential dangers.’

Safety Direct, Riverside Commercial Estate, Galway, stocks a wide range of Farm Safety Workwear, Footwear, Respiratory Protection, Hearing Protection and general farm safety equipment. For Farm Safety Week there’s 20% off in-store on selected farm safety items. Farm Safety Week runs from 15th – 20th of July.

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