Mascot Accelerate: The Range That Can Match Any Situation

Mascot Accelerate: The Range That Can Match Any Situation

One range for multiple industries

The overarching flexibility throughout MASCOT® ACCELERATE offers a wide range of functions, colours and possibilities to a wealth of different industries.
MASCOT® ACCELERATE contains so many different products, product types and product functions that it is able to offer solutions for a wide range of sectors and industries, from craftsmanship and logistics through to manufacturing and transport.
One of the greatest strengths behind MASCOT® ACCELERATE is its many combination possibilities across the entire range. The range has been thoroughly thought out to offer possibilities to mix and match at all levels.
With more than 70 products across the range, you will be able to find the right products for your whole company, no matter your needs. MASCOT® ACCELERATE is a complete collection for both men and women – with two distinct fits available for women.

Huge study into the fit for women

Prior to the development of MASCOT® ACCELERATE, a comprehensive study was undertaken into the fits for women. Measurements were taken from a large number of women across various industries, with these many thousands of measurements then being used to develop two whole new fits that are completely updated for the female bodies of today, and entirely unique to MASCOT. We have named these two new fits Diamond and Pearl

Mix of products that are well-suited for industrial washing

Many of the products in MASCOT® ACCELERATE have been tested in accordance with the industrial washing standard EN ISO 15797.
This means you can choose from a wide range of different products that can all withstand industrial washing and drying processes.

Match mum and dad

Girls and boys aged 3-14 can now also enjoy durable clothing that is created for movement. A full selection of products from inner to outer.
Mix cool outfits – and let the little ones match the workwear worn by mum or dad.

Tested by users – workwear at work

MASCOT® ACCELERATE has been developed in collaboration with its potential users. Products in the MASCOT® ACCELERATE range were sent out to be tested by users from very early on in the development process.
As soon as the first prototypes were ready, they were sent out and put to work in a range of different industries.
In close collaboration with test users, product features were adapted and fine-tuned time and time again.
At this stage, particular focus was placed on freedom of movement and functionality, such as the pockets.
Once the products were able to completely meet the requirements of our test users and the desires of MASCOT, they were ready to proceed to the next stage in the development process.

A development process with the highest demands

MASCOT® ACCELERATE has been developed with the ambition to meet all the needs and requirements of the industry.
Our mission was to create a workwear range that seems as if it has been tailor-made for many different target groups and which can accommodate a wealth of roles.
At the same time, we have also created a unique design for the range, which gives companies a streamlined, presentable and highly modern visual identity.
The creation of MASCOT® ACCELERATE began with the design team several years back. By taking inspiration from trends within fashion, design and sportswear, as well as from workwear users and the industry at large, our design team developed the distinctive lines that you see across the range and selected its completely unique colours and fabric qualities.

Incorporating the dynamism and movement of motorsports

The use of lines in the design has been inspired by the contours and shapes that create speed and dynamism in the Audi Sports cars. This gives the range a sporty, active and streamlined appearance.

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