National Water Safety Awareness Week 2021

National Water Safety Awareness Week 2021

National Water Safety Awareness Week takes place from Monday 14th - Sunday 20th June, and aims to promote water safety and highlight potential dangers that could be encountered whilst enjoying Ireland's coastal and inland waterways. 


According to Water Safety Ireland, an average of 120 drownings occur each year, with the majority of all drownings (62%) occuring at inland water sites. The most common activities that account for the highest number of drownings are bathing, boating, walking and fishing. 


When taking part in water-based activities, it is always important to have the correct equipment at hand and to be aware of any potential hazards. Wearing a Life Jacket, carrying a Nautical Whistle or Air Horn and keeping a Life Buoy Ring or Rescue Can onboard watercraft / boats are just some measures that can be taken to safeguard against any potential hazards.


The Irish Coast Guard urges anyone taking part in any water-based or coastal activity to first 'PAUSE':

Plan the activity carefully, taking into account what clothing or safety equipment will be required, and who you will inform of your plans

Always bring a means of effectively communicating your distress such as a mobile phone or whistle. Ensure you have enough food and water supplies and carry the correct equipment required for the activity. Know how to use the equipment effectively and always wear a life jacket or personal floatation device when near or on the water

Use readily available sources of information to check the environmental conditions (weather and tides) ahead of the activity

Seek help straightaway if you or someone you observe is in distress by calling 999/112 or using VHF Radio - CH:16 and asking for the Coast Guard

Enjoy the water safely and responsibly


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