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Carpenter MFG. CO

Carpenter MFG. Co Magnet Stripper Wheels

Carpenter Magnet Stripper Wheels
  • Strips all types of film insulation
  • Can strip from 4 to 25 AWG
  • Available with fibreglass
  • Wire or nylon wheels
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The Carpenter Wire Brush Wheels are ideally suited for the Carpenter Magnet Wire Stripper

  • Wire brush wheels are used for rapid insulation removal on large wires

The Carpenter Nylon Brush Wheels are used with the Carpenter Magnet Stripper

  • Nylon brush wheels comb out braided or wrapped shielding on co-axial cables
  • Pair

The Carpenter Fibre Glass Wheels are compatible with the Magnet Wire Stripper which can be used for stripping all types of film insulation

  • The Fibre Glass Wheels provide a smoother finish on the stripped surface
  • Pair


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