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Miller Stretchable 1.5M Manyard with 2 Karabiners

  • Unique stretchable design
  • Reduces the risk of snapping and dragging
  • 1.5 meters in length
  • Two galvanised connectors
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    A fall arrest Lanyard or Manyard is used where there is a definite fall hazard and contains a shock absorber to dissipated the forces on the body in case of a fall

  • A unique stretchable design for greater freedom of movement and safety
  • When contracted, it greatly reduces the risk of tipping, snapping and dragging
  • 1.5 meters in length
  • Reliable visual inspection
  • Special woven shock-absorbing inner core
  • Unique warning flag provides visual proof that a lanyard has been involved in a fall
  • The integrated core becomes visble if the outer jacket is damaged or worn and unfit for service
  • Hi-tech protective finish on outer tubular jacket prolongs the service life of the Manyard
  • Supplied with a pull away connection clip that attached to the harness to hold the manyard when not in use, thus limiting tripping risks
  • Comes with two galvanised connectors (CS20)
  • EN335


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