About Modula

Safety Direct has partnered with Modula, leading manufacturer of automated warehouse solutions. Modula is an Italian company that has been designing and manufacturing automatic storage solutions suitable for any industrial sector or environment since 1987. Today Modula has more than 15,000 clients around the world and a production capacity of 3,500 machines per year from its 4 production facilities.

Since 1987, Modula has been an example of manufacturing excellence, using the latest technology to create Industry 4.0 warehouses. Innvoation and product quality along with a customer focus are the cornerstones of Modula's vision.


Modula's Mission

Modula want to bring an automatic warehouse into every company of whatever size or industry, to improve their intralogistics. Modula's manufacturing processes have a high technological content and reflect their vocation as an innovator. This allows them to transfer value to their clients, wherever they are in the world.



  • 2010: the Modula Lift is launched onto the market.
  • 2011: the Modula Sintes1 is released, a smaller, lighter version ideal for small production facilities.
  • 2012: research begins in the field of anti-seismic technology to find an earthquake protection solution.
  • 2013: the Modula OneTon appears and exceeds every payload limitation, handling up to 990kg per tray.
  • 2016: the prototype of the OnePick is showcased at CeMAT.
  • 2017: Modula Cloud software is developed to monitor the performance of our warehouses.
  • 2018: OnePick is ready to revolutionise the market, bringing the Modula system to maximum levels of automation.
  • 2018: Modula Lift New Generation is released with new services and new features.
  • 2019: Modula Slim is introduced at LogiMAT.
  • 2020: the Lift range expands, Modula Litf ME is presented.


Production Process

Production facilities are fitted out with the latest production line tooling, picking stations, anthropomorphous robots and welding and laster cutting stations. These guarantee quality in the manufacturing process as well as the quality of the actual products themselves.

Production is managed just-in-time and monitored step-by-step by MPS (Modula Production System) software which has been developed in-house. This software has been created and implemented not just to manage and plan requirements linked to sales orders, but also to provide full control and overview of the progress of each order via an integrate barcode reader system and connected transport systems. MPS communicates with Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) and Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) for the automatic scheduling of work requests which are sent directly to outside suppliers and internal production facilities to manage the entire production process. 

This interconnection with production systems via robots and software allows us on the one hand to reduce costs and increase productivity, but on the other had to have real-time control over the progress of each order. The designs for each of the components that go into the storage solutions are sent directly to the machines involved in the production process.


Advantages of the Modula Automated Storage Solutions

  • Easy to use: the touch screen operator interface (Copilot) is extremely intuitive and does not require any special operator training for everyday use
  • Space saving: by using innovative storage systems, up to 90% of floor space can be saved - allowing you to store a larger quantity of goods and optimise space for picking and refilling activities
  • Time saving: goods become easier to access and there is not a need for operators to move around the warehouse to pick or refill goods - materials are brought directly to the picking bay according to the "goods to man" principle
  • Ergonomic and safe solutions for operators: the placement of retrieval/deposit bays at human height avoids the operator having to bend down to lift heavy materials, whilst the Modula storage solutions are also fitted with physical and photoelectric safety barriers which make the operator work station 100% safe
  • Customised configurations: depending on requirements, a custom warehouse configuration can be designed with various unit hights, payloads, dimensions, options and operator bays (internal, external, single or dual)
  • Accuracy and inventory control: Modula storage systems provide more efficient stock management and a significant reduction in errors, with the real-time warehouse information allowing for optimised re-orders and production process logistics
  • Maximum tray payload: every model in the Modula Lift range of storage solutions is able to improve performance and handle the maximum payload for all tray sizes, irrespective width and depth - meaning an overall gross payload of 90,000KG can be achieved
  • Dedicated software: the Modula WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a dedicated software application for managing storage solutions designed for optimising performance. The software improves organisation and efficiency, automates and rationalises prodecures, and enables faster order shopping and full traceability of picking orders.


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