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Torqueleader Calibrating Analyser

Torqueleader Calibrating Analyser
• For setting and calibrating screwdrivers
• Ergonomic including angled dial for ease
  of reading
• Dual scale metric/imperial
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• For setting and calibrating torque screwdrivers, wrenches
  and torque handles
• A robust, ergonomic design including angled dial for ease
  of reading.
• Innovative spindle lock system eliminates the need for tool
  removal when adjusting the tools torque setting.
• Slave pointer records peak torque, and limit pointers can be
  used to mark preset limits.
• Reversible drive adaptors provide 2 drive options per model.
• Dual scale metric/imperial.
• Repeatable accuracy +/- 2% of reading

  • TOR35: 10-50
  • TOR130: 36-180
  • TOR400: 7-36
  • TOR1200: 24-120
  • TOR2500: 44-220


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