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WAKU Telescopic Ladders

WAKU Telescopic Ladders
  • Corrugated non-slip rubber foot pads
  • Automatic spring loaded locking device
  • Strong steel hinging system
  • EU Standard Approved EN131
From €359.84 €292.55
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    Waku Telescopic Ladders are designed to the highest safety and performance levels. They are recognised for their strength, versatility and compact design.
  • Corrugated non-slip rubber foot pads
  • Rugged stainless steel pins reliably lock the sturdy, corrosion-proof aluminium hinges
  • Double ladder: height-adjustable, rung by rung
  • Single extending ladder: extends to almost four times its transport length
  • Step ladder: with adjustable offset to cope with height differences in stairwells and on gradients
  • Platform height (max step height) is a non-extended form
  • Space-saving design for transport and storage
  • Manufactured to European Standard EN 131
  • The WAKU Telescopic Ladder is also available with a variety of optional accessories including Hook-On-Platforms, Ladder Extension Legs and Wall Stand Off Attachments.


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