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ISO 9001

Standard Carrying Cases

    • Ideal for product packaging and presentation, service
    and repairs.
    • The Wez carrying case system offers a great number of
    possibilities with just the three basic elements.
    • It is made up of: Wez stackable container with a flat bottom;
    Hinged cover; Carrying handle.
    • Standard case with partitioned insert available to order.
WEZ 3208397GStandard Carrying Case300 x 200 x 110mm254 x 154 x 95mm€22.75
WEZ 4304397GStandard Carrying Case400 x 300 x 63mm354 x 254 x 48mm€24.50
WEZ 4308397GStandard Carrying Case400 x 300 x 110mm354 x 254 x 95mm€28.60
WEZ 4313397GStandard Carrying Case400 x 300 x 154mm354 x 254 x 139mm€29.30
WEZ 4320397GStandard Carrying Case400 x 300 x 221mm354 x 254 x 206mm€20.70
WEZ 4326397GStandard Carrying Case400 x 300 x 287mm354 x 254 x 272mm€34.25
WEZ 6408397GStandard Carrying Case600 x 400 x 111mm554 x 354 x 95mm€36.85
WEZ 6413397GStandard Carrying Case600 x 400 x 155mm554 x 354 x 139mm€39.00
WEZ 6420397GStandard Carrying Case600 x 400 x 221mm554 x 354 x 206mm€43.15
WEZ 6426397GStandard Carrying Case600 x 400 x 288mm554 x 354 x 272mm€46.75

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