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Personal Protective Equipment: Must-Have Items

Personal Protective Equipment: Must-Have Items

Across industries and workplaces, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) plays a key role in preventing accidents and helping to reduce injuries. As well as adequate training and risk assessments, PPE is an important segment in contributing to an overall safe work environment. Crucially, PPE should be CE marked, which signifies that the PPE meets the essential health and safety requirements under the EU Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 2018. With so many products to select from, choosing the right PPE can be a little overwhelming at times. To mark World Safety Day on April 28th, we have examined key products and how they can help protect you in the workplaces. Check out our list below of the highlights from each PPE category:

Eye Protection
Workplace eye injuries can potentially lead to permanent vision damage. These injuries can include small particles striking or scraping the eye, objects such as nails/staples/slivers of metal penetrating the eyeball, or chemical/thermal burns caused by industrial chemicals, cleaning products and welding.

Key Product - Pelsafe Jupiter Safety Glasses: The Jupiter Glasses are 100% metal free, with side vents that offer increased ventilation. The lenses are highly durable due to anti-scratch coating and are available in Clear or Smoke.

Working at Height and Fall Arrest
Working from a height continues to be a risk in various occupational settings. Although most falls occur from relatively low heights of between 2 - 3 metres (source: CIF), it is critical to not only carry out a risk assessment, but to choose appropriate protective equipment.

Key Product - Miller Revolution R5 Premium Duraflex Harness: The Revolution R5 Premium Harness provides excellent comfort to the wearer, while ensuring that they stay protected at a height. The harness features Duraflex webbing which stretches with movement, as well as an ErgoArmor padded back shield. The rotating PivotLink connections at hip level ensure smooth movement on both ascent and descent.

Ear Protection
In certain work environments, for example construction, there are numerous sources of loud, constant noise. Power tools, machines and other necessary equipment operate at a loud enough noise level to damage the hearing of both the operator and those working close by.

Key Product - 3M Peltor Optime II Earmuffs with Headband: Designed for use in loud, industrial environments, the Peltor Optime II Earmuffs protect against noise of up to 31dB. The Optime II Earmuffs offer a comfortable fit during long term use, with large space inside the cups to help minimise heat and moisture build up and soft cushions to help reduce pressure around the ears.

Head Protection
Head injuries include any trauma to the scalp, skull or brain. Head injuries in workplaces can occur from being struck by a falling object, or can arise from the impact force from a fall. Hard Hats, or Safety Helmets, are the first line of defence against potentially fatal head injuries.

Key Product - JSP Evo 3 OneTouch Slip Ratchet Vented Helmet: The Evo 3 Helmet offers the latest protection technology combined with maximum comfort. Although lightweight, the HDPE shell is tough and durable, and also features a Chamlon sweatband for excellent sweat absorption. The One Touch Slip Ratchet can be easily adjusted, whereas universal slots enable attaching Surefit safety visors and ear defenders.

Body Protection
Strain can be placed on various types of the body in the workplace. Without the appropriate supportive equipment, workers could face serious back injuries or repetitive strain injuries in their wrists and knees.

Key Product - Superior Professional Knee Pads: With a lightweight construction yet durable outer shell, the Professional Knee Pads reduce stress and discomfort when prolonged periods of kneeling are required. The knee pads feature a folding accordion top to allow for comfort when standing, are made from silicone rubber and can be used in a cleanroom environment.

Respiratory Protection
Respiratory protective equipment is crucial to prevent the inhalation of hazardous substances. There are several types of respiratory protective equipment that can be used depending on the environment and hazard; from disposable filtering masks, to full face powered masks. Understanding the level of risk will inform the type of respiratory protection required.

Key Product - Pelsafe Half Mask: The half mask has a twin filter design, with a flexible silicon construction for a snug yet comfortable fit. It is compatible with P3 R Filter Cartridges, which provide protection against solid dust particles and liquid mists.

Safety Direct supplies a vast range of PPE items from world leading brands such as Uvex, 3M, JSP, Centurion and more. To mark World Safety Day 2022, we are offering 15% off products site-wide and in-store from Thursday 28th April to Sunday 1st May with the code WSD15. Terms and conditions apply.

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