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Farm Safety Week 2020

Farm Safety Week 2020

Farm Safety Week 2020 marks the eight annual Farm Safety Week UK & Ireland, an initiative which is led by the IFA in Ireland and is supported by agencies such as the Yellow Wellies in the UK, the HSA and members of the Farm Safety Partnership Advisory Committee. The message for this year's campaign is: Save Lives: Let's Take Farm Safety Seriously.

About Farm Safety Week:

The purpose of the Farm Safety Week Campaign is to:

- Continue to raise awareness around safe farming practices

- Share and demonstrate good practice on the farm in a bid to reduce farm-related accidents and deaths

- Challenge unsafe working habits and educate farmers and farmhands alike

- Continue to support the physical and mental wellbeing of those working in the industry

Importance of Safety and Awareness on the Farm:

The Agriculture industry continues to have the poorest safety record of any occupation in both the UK and Ireland. Farm Safety Weeks aims to bring awareness to the growing number of farm-related accidents and fatalities and eradicate unsafe farming practices by equipping farmers with the knowledge and skills to ensure safe working habits on the farm. Safe practices include:

- Performing a risk assessment before undertaking any tasks
The IFA president, Tim Cullinan, comments “Understanding the risks on and around a farm operation makes it easier to avoid dangers and makes accidents less likely. However, all too often, farmers do not recognise the risks on their farms, which makes it difficult to manage the problem.”
Take the time to stop and ask the question, is this safe? Do I need better facilities/equipment? Do I need help?  

- Ensuring optimum health of machinery and equipment by engaging in regular services

- Engaging with correct, well-fitting PPE including but not limited to; Ear protection, eye protection, gloves, helmets and face protection, hi vis clothing and safety footwear. Machine lighting/beacons and safety signage are also vital components of workplace safety

- Always carrying a mobile phone. Inform someone on where you are going and when you expect return

- Always expecting the unexpected. Be vigilant and constantly aware of your surroundings.

Possible Hazards on the Farm:

- Machinery: From 2010-2019, approximately 50% of agriculture and forestry related deaths involved machinery or tractors/vehicles. It is important to note extra care should be taken when operating machinery. Regular checks and maintenance of all farm vehicles should be carried out and always practice the SAFESTOP procedure for a safer working environment

- Working at Heights: When working at heights, it is essential that all equipment is suitable, stable and strong enough for the job. Make sure you don't overload or overreach when working at a height as this may lead to falls

Livestock: Between 2009-2018, 57% of deaths involving livestock were caused by cows/heifers. When working with livestock, ensure the working area is safe and secured with relevant safety measures in place including a gate, a maintained crush, fences, etc. It is important to have an escape route for emergency situations when working with animals

Slurry: When working with slurry, ensure there is enough ventilation and all slurry tanks/lagoons are covered. Erecting a child proof safety fence around a slurry tank is crucial precautionary step

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