Fire Safety Week 2021 at Safety Direct

Fire Safety Week 2021 at Safety Direct

Running from 4th - 11th October, National Fire Safety Week aims to promote fire safety, awareness and education. This year's theme is 'Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives - Test Yours Weekly'.


Smoke Alarms

Every home and workplace should have a functioning smoke alarm in order to detect and give early warning of a fire. 82% of fires that resulted in fatalities occurred in settings where no working smoke alarm was present. Additionally, a person's sense of smell does not work whilst sleeping, and smoke can send a person into a deeper sleep. These facts underline the importance of ensuring a smoke alarm is not just fitted, but that it is maintained regularly.

Easy ways to ensure optimum performance from a smoke alarm include:

- Testing smoke alarms at least once a week to ensure they are functioning correctly

- Change the batteries every year

- Do not ignore warning beep sounds that indicate batteries are low - replace immediately

- Clean the alarms regularly, by vacuuming them and wiping the cover. If an alarm becomes clogged with dust, it may not work effectively

- Have at least one smoke alarm on the ceiling of each level in the home 


Fire Prevention

Throughout the course of National Fire Safety Week, people are reminded to take care and be vigilant of fire risks in the home and workplace. An easy way to remember the main fire safety principles is 'STOP':

S - Smoke alarms: ensure there is one on every level / floor

T - Test smoke alarms weekly: this is vital to ensure they are still working correctly

O - Obvious dangers: watch out for these in the home and try to minimise risk. Overloaded sockets, unattended candles and appliances can all be dangerous

P - Plan your escape route: always keep access routes in the home clear to enable a quick evacuation if necessary


Routine Fire Safety Maintenance

A Routine Fire Safety Check is also important to carry out regularly in order to eliminate any possible fire hazards. Steps that can be taken here include:

- Unplugging all unnecessary electrical appliances

- Turning off all unnecessary gas appliances

- Ensuring any naked flames or candles are extinguished and not left unattended

- Placing a spark guard in front of an open fire

- Clearing obstructions from escape routes

- Emptying ash trays


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