The Importance of Using and Storing Hand Sanitiser Correctly

The Importance of Using and Storing Hand Sanitiser Correctly

Since the beginning of Coronavirus, Hand Sanitiser has quickly become the norm in our everyday lives and with that it is vital we understand the importance of correctly using and storing it.

We all know that cleaning our hands with warm soap and water is one of the most effective steps you can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to those around you. However, what do you when water and soap is not readily available?

Role of Hand Sanitiser:

Hands Sanitiser's are often more accessible than sinks and can play a role in stopping the spread and contraction of infection of germs, viruses and bacteria. With so many different hand sanitising options available it's relevant to note that an alcohol-based hand sanitiser that contains at least 60% alcohol is most effective.

When applying the Hand Sanitiser the key is to put enough product on your hands to cover all surfaces. Rub the hands together until they feel dry. It's important to note that you should not rinse or wipe off the hand sanitiser before it's dry because it may not work as well against germs.

What are the benefits of Using Hand Sanitisers?

Hand Sanitisers are convenient, easy to use and readily available. Hand sanitisers are ideal for use in many different industries such as medical, food handling and office environments

How to correctly store Hand Sanitisers:

Due to the high alcohol content contained in Hand Sanitisers, they are a potential fire hazard and as such should be handled, used and stored with care in order to minimise the risk.

It is essential that you follow the guidelines when storing and using any hand sanitisers, as with any flammable liquid it is necessary to exercise caution.

- Avoid naked flames or other sources of ignition when applying hand sanitiser

- Never leave the sanitiser on dashboards or in direct sunlight

- When keeping sanitiser in the vehicle cab, it should be stored in a cool place, such as your bag, with the cap firmly closed

Sanitiser Options at Safety Direct:

Safety Direct aims to provide you with a range of affordable and effective Hand Sanitisers for all your needs.

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